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Snack Suggestions

When it is your child’s turn to provide the snack for her/his class, you may welcome some ideas for healthy, nutritious foods. Children benefit from wholesome, non-processed foods.

Why should kids snack? Snacks keep your child energized and are a great way to help get daily nutrients.

Sweet treats should be limited as much as possible to your child’s birthday celebration and holiday parties.  In addition, if your child has a food allergy, please inform his or her teacher so that this information can be shared with other parents who will be supplying the snack for the class.

Healthy Snacks Are:​


  • Low in added sugar, salt and unhealthy fat
  • ​High in protein, fiber and nutrients
  • At least 2 food groups, 3 is even better!
  • ​Around 150-200 calories per child

Use items from different food groups to build a snack:


  • String Cheese (D), whole grain crackers (G) and tomatoes (V)
  • Mini rice cakes (G), and sunflower seed butter (P)
  • Low fat yogurt (D) and frozen berries (F)
  • Popcorn (G), raisins (F) and sunflower seeds (P) 
  • Cheese cubes (D), sliced fruit (F) on a stick
  • Celery (V), and cream cheese (D) and raisins
  • Zucchini sticks (V) sour cream dip (D)
  • Pretzel sticks (G), sunflower seed/yogurt dip (P/D) and fruit cup (F)
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