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Our Teachers

Miss Lisa, Education Coordinator

Miss Lisa began working at the BMTCP in 1993. Previously she worked as a substitute teacher in various school systems, as well as working at and later running her own home day care. In 2001 Miss Lisa became the head teacher expanding her responsibility to curriculum development and planning, and staff leader.

Miss Lisa has a BS in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a concentration in Language Arts from Rhode Island College. She is RIDE certified grades Nursery - 2. Continuing education is important to Miss Lisa and she has taken numerous graduate courses in the early childhood field, and regularly participates in a variety of professional development opportunities.

"The co-op offers children a warm, loving environment featuring a developmentally appropriate curriculum guided by the RI Early Learning Standards. Special attention is given to every child's learning style, and individual developmental level. Parents are very involved at the co-op and work together, as a team, with our nurturing, experienced staff to provide a positive preschool experience for your child."


Favorite Book:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

anne marie 2.png

Ann Marie - Miss Nanny

Ann Marie (Miss Nanny) is joining BMTCP this school year.  Ann Marie has been part of our extended ‘family’ for the past three years while her granddaughter Callie attended our co-op. She will be working with Miss Monique and Miss Heather in our four year old class.

  Ann Marie comes to us with over 30 years teaching experience from the Johnston and West Warwick School Systems where she taught Kindergarten.


 She received her BA in Education from the former Mount St. Joseph’s College and her MA in Education/Administration  from Providence College.

 “Teaching, guiding and working with children is an amazing, rewarding and satisfying experience that I will never grow tired of.”  "I am very excited to be a member of the BMTCP family and looking forward to a wonderful year."

Miss Heather, Lead Teacher​

Miss Heather joined us at the Co-op in 2012. Her daughter, Teaghan, attended the Co-op for two years. Heather teaches with a sense of joy and excitement everyday. You can see that joy of teaching and excitement of learning reflected in our children and teachers, families and friends. "It is truly a magical place!"

"Every day has its memorable moments but one particularly memorable moment happened this spring. The caterpillars that we had been taking care of had turned into butterflies and so it was time to release them. Ms. Patty carefully held the little butterfly in her hand as all the children listened to her explain what she was going to do. And then, the release! Every single pair of eyes on that playground watched as the butterfly flew up into the sky and the smiles of joy and wonder on their faces (including Ms. Patty's) was something I will never forget."

Favorite Book:  Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Miss Marilyn

Miss Marilyn works with Miss Susan's 3-year-old and Pre-K classes. She has been teaching at the Co-op since 1979.

What Miss Marilyn likes most about teaching at the co-op is watching the children grow and being a small part of their experience here. Miss Marilyn uses her patience, dedication and genuine love for the children to make the school day a positive experience for everyone. "Your conversation with Miss Marilyn will always end with a smile." Vinnie (parent)

Favorite Book:  The Growing Tree​

Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly works with Miss Lisa's 4-year-old and Pre-K classes. She has been teaching at the Co-op since 1997. She began teaching during her senior year at East Greenwich High School. She first began as a student when she was 3 years old. "Miss Janet, Miss Pat and Miss Marilyn were my teachers. They taught me to go up the ladder and down the slide!"

What Miss Kelly likes most about teaching is the people she works with. "We are like a family here. The children are delightful and every day is so special and so much fun."

Favorite Book:  The Big Pumpkin

Ms. Monique, Lead Teacher

In 2016 Monique joined the BMTCP family, teaching in the four year old classroom. “I’m so thrilled to continue my connection with this very special community of friends.”  As with other Co-op teachers, her own daughter Kathryn was a student, and for several years Monique enjoyed supporting the school through fundraising and chairing May Fair events. 

Beside earning a BA from Providence College, Ms. Monique holds a Masters in the Art of Teaching from RIC.  She continues her journey of lifelong learning by taking early childhood enrichment courses and by attending a variety of professional development programs. 

“I have daily reminders of what a magical time these preschool years are for the children who attend BMTCP. It is an honor to get to know, support and guide each child in my care.” 

Miss Trish

In 2009, Miss Trish began at the BMTCP as a teacher’s assistant. "What I love most about the school is the warm and loving family atmosphere which was evident when my own children attended BMTCP and still is today." Miss Trish believes the co-operative approach to teaching is a tried and true method that really works best to bring together the students, families, and staff all for the benefit of our students. "Strong and loving families are the backbone of a healthy society and I cherish the opportunity to be a part of it in whatever way I can."

Miss Trish's favorite book is The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco. It is a story about an immigrant family from Russia and their very special family heirloom – a quilt. The story is about the passing of the quilt down through the generations and the many family stories and love that accompany it.

Favorite Book:  The Keeping Quilt

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