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Our classrooms are filled with materials, experiences and people who nurture and stimulate curiosity, cognitive growth, emotional well-being, awareness of achievement, fine and gross motor development, a sense of self-esteem, socialization skills and self-care.

Parents are the backbone of our school and a child's most important teacher; most parents volunteer in their child's classroom once per month, resulting in an exceptional ratio of one adult per three children.

A day in the Barbara M. Tufts Cooperative finds children exploring a carefully planned environment, choosing activities that interest them and moving freely from one experience to the next one. A dependable daily routine helps children feel secure as they rotate through four activity centers:

Opportunities are provided for children to develop hand-eye coordination, strength, control, and object manipulation. 

Children increase their strength, balance, muscle control and coordination through play.

Here you will find children developing skills in listening and expressing their thoughts and ideas.

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